Participation Loans

Participation loans to diversify your loan portfolio and boost your bottom line.

Participation Loans - Sold

If your bank is looking to utilize some excess capital or diversify its loan portfolio with solid credits, look no further than United Bankers’ Bank. With a service territory covering over 14 states, UBB’s loan experts are continually evaluating loan requests from the Pacific Northwest to the Great Lakes, and everywhere in between. This breadth of service coverage has resulted in the booking of a varying size of credits, encompassing numerous diverse industries, all of which are continually looking for community banks to sell a participating share to.

Skin in the Game
United Bankers’ Bank goes to great lengths to ensure the loans we make to our participating lenders are of high quality, ensuring our customers are purchasing a credit they can feel comfortable adding to their portfolio. United Bankers’ Bank stands by each participation loan it sells, and demonstrates this by funding a portion of every loan it participates out.

Benefits of Purchasing Participation Loans from United Bankers’ Bank:

  • Diversify your loan portfolio
  • Utilize capital
  • Improve financial performance
  • UBB keeps a portion of every participated loan in its portfolio

Participation Loans - Bought

Your loan customers count on you to deliver. When their credit needs surpass your lending limit, we are here to help you get the deal done. We work with you as an extension of your loan department, assisting you in getting your large credits funded. This will help you maintain relationships with your customers as well as enable you to acquire new customers with larger loan needs. 

Benefits of Selling Your Loans to United Bankers’ Bank:

  • You maintain relationships with customers that have requests that surpass your lending limits
  • When you work with UBB, you’re working with a non-competitor
  • Meet the credit needs of your best customers when your bank might not be able to meet them on its own
  • Expand your lending capabilities to attract and acquire new customers
Improve your bank’s financial performance, while meeting the credit needs of your best customers.

Click here to request information regarding available loan participations to purchase or over-lines your bank is interested in selling.