Online Identity Monitoring

Provide your customers with 24/7 identity surveillance with online identity monitoring.

The Dark Web is an online marketplace for personally identifiable information that can open the door to identity theft. ID TheftSmart's Web Watcher online identity monitoring service provides its members 24/7 surveillance of their Social Security number, credit card numbers, or other personal information by actively scanning billions of online records and sources, consisting of internet directories, hacker chatrooms, and public and private databases to see if their information is at risk.

Members use a secure entry form to submit the information they want to be monitored, and the Web Watcher online identity monitoring service does the rest. If a member's information is detected, they will receive an email alert within minutes notifying them of what was found, along with actions they can take to stop the potential identity theft in its tracks.

United Bankers' Agency (UBA) has partnered with Kroll, the global leader in risk mitigation and response, to provide community banks with access to this online identity monitoring service, which they can, in turn, provide to their customers.

Benefits of ID TheftSmart's Web Watcher Online Identity Monitoring Service:

  • Web Watcher is the first line of defense, identifying potential identity theft risks before a customer's information is used to obtain credit and before fraudulent activity appears on file with a credit reporting agency
  • Web Watcher monitors Social Security numbers, debit and credit card account numbers, bank and routing numbers, email addresses and more
  • Scan billions of records throughout the internet in search of improper use of your personal information
  • Immediately receive email alerts if there is a change in the status of a tracked item
  • No startup costs, No Minimums, and No ongoing maintenance charges
  • Competitively priced (Only through UBA is this affordable level of pricing available)
  • Expand your bank’s product offering
  • Enhance the benefits package of your premium checking accounts
  • Generate non-interest income by marking up the service and selling it for a profit to your customers
  • Enhance your employee benefits package

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