Credit Monitoring Services

Credit monitoring services to help your bank's customers detect and stop identity theft before it starts.

Checking your credit reports regularly is one of the best ways to detect suspicious activity that may indicate identity theft. ID TheftSmart's credit monitoring service allows your customers to identify inaccuracies in credit data being reported by creditors, while also providing them with early detection of potentially fraudulent activity in their credit file.

How credit monitoring works:

Credit monitoring is a service that tracks your customer’s credit report on a daily basis and notifies them of any significant changes in their credit file. In addition, your customers will also have access to trained credit specialists who can answer questions related to their monitoring report, right over the phone.

Credit monitoring alerts are generated and sent to your customers when any of the following events occur:

  • New accounts are opened
  • Credit inquiries are made
  • Notifications are sent regarding payment delinquencies
  • A public record change is made
  • Change of address request is submitted
Proactive credit monitoring can help detect fraudulent activity right away, lessening the impact of identity theft. Another benefit of the credit monitoring service is that it can help prevent errors mistakenly recorded to credit reports. Mostly notably, credit monitoring will notify a consumer of derogatory reports such as a delinquency from a creditor. These derogatory reports can often hurt a credit score for years and monitoring them is very important to building a good credit score.

United Bankers’ Agency, (UBA) has partnered with Kroll, the global leader in risk mitigation and response, to provide community banks with this credit monitoring service, which they can in turn provide to their customers.

Benefits of United Bankers’ Agency credit monitoring service:

  • No startup costs or ongoing maintenance charges
  • Allows your customers to be proactive in the protection of their credit and identities
  • Your customers will receive email notifications whenever a change is submitted to the credit bureau
  • Single and triple credit bureau monitoring options available
  • Competitively priced (Only through UBA is this affordable level of pricing available)
  • Expand your bank’s product offering
  • Enhance the benefits package of your premium checking accounts
  • Generate non-interest income by marking up the service and selling it for a profit to your customers

United Bankers’ Agency is committed to providing community banks with the very best identity theft solutions the industry has to offer. Contact a UBA expert today for more information or to enroll in the credit monitoring service.

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