Long Term Care Insurance

Reward your top performers and assist your employees in insuring care for their long term futures.

Most business owners don’t realize there are tremendous advantages available to companies looking to invest in multi-life long term care programs for their employees. Advantages’ ranging from the retention of your top executives to showing your employees that your institution understands and is responsive to their long term needs.

Attract and Reward Top Talent:

With experienced and qualified professionals in high demand, a long term care insurance program is one solution for businesses looking to offer or enhance a flexible and competitive benefits program.

Long Term Care Insurance is a great way to reward and recognize key employees for their hard work and dedication. Business owners can now select a group of people based on a class of who is going to receive the benefit. This creates a huge opportunity for companies to reward their top talent with a benefit they are not required by law to provide to all employees.

Since Long Term Care Insurance can be offered as an employer-paid benefit, a voluntary employee paid benefit or a combination of both, companies can use Long Term Care coverage as an effective retention tool without paying a dime for it themselves. Many business owners have allowed their key employees to use their annual bonuses to fund premiums.

United Bankers’ Agency (UBA) has teamed up with one of the industry’s best long term care insurance providers to bring community banks the best of best with regards to the level of product quality and health underwriting. These experts only do long term care insurance, and do it well, and will be able to explain the differences in products to you in plain English, so that you have a clear understanding of your options and are ultimately comfortable with the policy you choose.

Benefits of providing long term care insurance to your most valued employees:

  • Reward top performing talent
  • Executive retention
  • Enhance employee benefits packages
  • Programs available that offer flexible coverage, discounted rates, reduced underwriting and tax advantages

As a business owner or employee, now is the time to evaluate this important planning tool. Long Term Care Insurance offers protection that no other benefit can provide and with the advantages multi-life programs offer, it's also a wise business investment.

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Note: All products and services represented on this page are not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency, are not deposits of or guaranteed by the Bank or any Bank affiliate, and may lose value.