Flood Certifications

Accurate, Fast and Affordable Flood Determinations and Certifications.

United Bankers’ Agency (UBA) has partnered with an industry leader in flood determinations and certifications to provide community banks with a fast, trusted and affordable solution to ensure you remain in full compliance with applicable regulations.

Flood determination and certification services available:

  • Basic Determination
    • Identifies the flood zone, community number, map and panel number, community participation information, insurance availability, map date and entry-date.
  • Life-Of-Loan Determination
    • Includes a basic determination plus tracking of zone changes for the life of the loan. If there is a change in the insurance requirement on the property we are monitoring, we will notify you. Lastly, life-of-loan service is fully transferable should the loan be sold or transferred.
  • Commercial Flood Determination
    • Provides life-of-loan determinations for commercial properties that include the community name and number, panel-suffix, map date for the Flood Insurance Rate Maps and community participation status.
  • Portfolio Review
    • Includes a basic or life-of-loan determination for your entire portfolio so you can ensure all your loans are compliant and that you have the appropriate coverage.

Why you should look to UBA for your bank’s Flood Determination and Certification services:

  • Our issuing partner is an A+ rated insurer and provides a complete guarantee with each determination, backed by an Errors & Omissions policy
  • Flood certifications are accurate, efficient and affordable
  • Full compliance with all regulations, including regular updates, with regard to any FEMA map panel changes or Letters of Map Amendments

When you work with UBA, you have the opportunity to access high quality insurance solutions at affordable prices, from some of the highest rated leaders in the industry. Take advantage of this opportunity today. Contact a UBA expert to get started.

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