Marketing Solutions

Intelligent bank marketing solutions.

United Bankers' Bank has partnered with intelligent data marketing solutions provider, WordCom to provide community banks with access to a suite of marketing solutions that will assist them in acquiring new customers, deposit accounts and loan products in addition to programs that will enhance the customer engagement and onboarding processes.

These services are not run of the mill direct mail campaigns, rather they are intelligent and highly strategic solutions designed to identify and acquire the right customers at the right time and with the right product for your community bank.

Services available through UBB Marketing Solutions:


Retail Household & Deposit Account Acquisition

Achieve your new household, retail checking, and deposit goals with a proprietary data modeling acquisition strategy. Designed to increase openings while targeting the prospects you want, responders will typically have higher balances, more cross sell relationship opportunities, and result in less customer attrition.

Loan Acquisition

We’ll help you identify the product offering and targets to grow your loan portfolio. Our modeling data will avoid the costly preapprovals and create an invitation to apply for Auto, Mortgage, HELOC and Credit Cards to those customers & prospects that meet your lending requirements.

Small Business Acquisition

This program analyzes your current business customers and develops a model designed to target similar businesses in your branch footprint.

New Mover Program

Tap into the most profitable prospect available. When attracting new mover households, the most important variables are quality of data and speed to the mailbox during the all-important 14 day decision window. This program addresses both and is communicated on a weekly basis enabling you to be in the mailbox before your competition.

Pre-Mover Mortgage Program

Be notified when one of your customers or prospects is in the early stages of listing their home for sale. Studies have shown that 85% to 90% of households in the early stage of listing their home for sale, will need a new mortgage within the next 30-90 days. The Pre-Mover Program will help you capitalize on this opportunity to acquire more mortgage loans.

Traffic Builders

Opening a new location? Celebrating a bank milestone or have an underperforming location in need of foot traffic? iPad based traffic builder games combined with data modeling and targeted direct mailings, will dramatically increase traffic to your brick & mortar locations and best of all capture vital contact information from potential prospects that you can utilize for future communications.

Life Stage Trigger

29% of all attrition in a given year is due to a significant life event which presents a prime opportunity to retain or sell additional services your current customers need. With the Life Stage Trigger program, we monitor and alert you on a weekly basis when one of your customers experience one of 13 major life events such as, marriage, divorce, listing their home for sale, new or expecting parent, and more, ensuring that you are there to help your customers when they need you most.

Customer Onboarding / Cross-Sell

Become a true financial partner to your newly acquired customers. This customized communication process consists of welcome messages, product & service promotions and offers a data modeled suggestion for the product they will most likely purchase next.

Customer Segmentation / Share of Wallet Analysis

Customer Segmentation will give you a complete picture of who your customers truly are. This program identifies life style habits, purchasing power, and affluency data including income, home value, and investable assets held outside your bank and other important data.

Competitor Disruption Communications

Is one of your competitors making a major change in your market, like eliminating a free product, closing branches, or going through an acquisition? If so, this program targets the overlapping area between your branches and their branches to give you the best opportunity to benefit from this disruption and gain new households.

M & A - Bank & Legal Communications

This proven M&A communication solution will relieve a lot of the time and stress associated with the important task of communicating to your bank’s newly acquired customers. From the welcome letter to the new account product mapping and required legal communications, this program ensures the transition process is smooth and meets all regulatory requirements.

These programs have been proven to deliver results. Regardless of the size of your institution, large or small, there is a solution available that can help your institution receive the most effective and efficient use of its marketing budget.

Take the next step in reaching your account acquisition goals.