International Payment Services

Efficient and affordable solutions designed to meet the international payment needs of your customers

United Bankers’ Bank provides tailored international payment solutions to community banks, so they can in turn provide their customers with access to the global marketplace.

UBB prices its international payment services very competitively while mitigating the risks associated with exchange rate fluctuation.

International Payment Services Provided by United Bankers’ Bank: 

  • Online International Wire Transfers
  • Foreign Check Collection
  • Foreign Drafts
  • Foreign Currency
  • Image Canadian Cash Letter Processing

International Wire Transfers

Help your customers quickly and securely transfer funds internationally
UBB makes it easy to send international wires by transferring funds in the currency of the receiving bank. This process will also protect your customers against exchange rate fluctuations, lower their costs, and prevent lengthy settlement delays, ultimately making the transactions more time and cost-effective for you and them.

Foreign Check Collection

UBB’s process to cash foreign checks is neither costly nor time-consuming
UBB can expedite the collection of foreign checks made payable to you or your customers by collecting on U.S. dollar or foreign currency checks drawn on foreign banks. This will ensure you and your customers can receive payments in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Foreign Drafts

Fast and cost-effective clearance of foreign funds
UBB can issue drafts in all major currencies from around the world, providing you and your customers with fast and cost-effective clearance of foreign funds.

Foreign Currency

Convenient access to purchase foreign currency
Whether for an international vacation or business travel, UBB provides community banks with convenient access to foreign currency. Purchase or redemption, UBB has access to all of the major currencies, as well as a wide variety of others that are available for special order if needed.

Image Canadian Cash Letter Processing

Minimize your bank's credit exposure, increase efficiency, and deliver faster fraud notification.

Benefits of United Bankers’ Banks’s International Payment Services:

  • Save time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Mitigated risk
  • Prevent lengthy settlement days
  • Control transaction costs
  • Personalized customer service
  • Expert consultation

United Bankers’ Bank has the solutions to all your International Payment needs.