Human Resource Hotline

Professional answers and support to your HR questions when you need it the most.

When community banks become a member of United Bankers’ Bank’s human resources consultation service, called USource, they receive toll-free access to the USource HR Hotline. With the Hotline, USource members receive advice from responsive HR professionals who understand the HR needs of community banks and are available to answer questions related to such topics as:
  • Employee hiring and firing
  • Benefits administration (including Cobra)
  • Wage and hour
  • State and Federal employment regulations (ex. ADA, FMLA, FLSA and more)
  • Leaves of absences
  • Compensation & performance management

Benefits of the USource HR Hotline:

  • Answers to your HR questions are just a phone call away, saving your staff valuable research time
  • Questions fielded and answered by trained HR consultants who only work with community banks

Benefits of becoming a USource Member:

  • USource experts will assist you in providing an employee handbook format that clearly communicates your bank’s policies and expectations to your employees
  • Includes free employee handbook updates and revisions
  • Provide one-on-one consultations with your bank’s HR representatives
  • Access to a toll-free HR Hotline for questions
  • Access to a host of timely and educational HR training forums and webinars
  • Access to the USource resource library, filled with:
    • Case studies on best practices related to recruitment, compensation, benefits, performance management and more
    • Money-saving sample forms
    • Extensive collection of community bank related job descriptions
  • All of these benefits and more are provided to your community bank for one affordable monthly fee

Contact a USource expert at 866-394-1984 or for more information about the HR Hotline or how to become a USource member.