Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks customized specifically to the needs of community banks.

An employee handbook is an invaluable tool for saving time, setting expectations, decreasing legal risk, and shaping the culture of your community bank. Handbooks also provide a positive impression of your bank’s culture and educate employees about how your company operates and what is expected.

Benefits of providing an employee handbook:

  • It saves you the time of answering frequently asked employee questions about policies or how things operate around your bank
  • Handbooks outline what your bank expects from your employees concerning performance and culture
  • Quickly educates and engages new bank employees
  • Serves as a comprehensive reference guide for employees and, when done correctly, will provide a professional first impression to your new hires 
Employee Handbook Development
When you work with the experts of United Bankers’ Bank’s human resource consulting division, USource™, they will assist your bank in developing a customized employee handbook that reflects your bank’s goals and covers vital compliance areas required by law.

Whether you’re interested in creating an employee handbook from scratch or revising the policies in your current handbook, a USource™ professional will work one-on-one with your community bank to understand your bank’s needs and provide customized solutions. Your bank will receive an online version of your employee handbook that can be posted on your bank’s internal website, making it easy for your employees to research and find specific policy information. This online version can also be printed and includes a helpful table of contents. 
Keeping Your Employee Handbook Current and Up-to-Date
Best of all, if you have revised or added a new policy or new legislation that requires a revision to your handbook, all of these updates are provided automatically and included in the price of your monthly membership. This will help ensure your handbook is up-to-date and in compliance.

Benefits of becoming a USource™ Member:

  • USource™ experts will assist you in providing an employee handbook format that clearly communicates your bank’s policies and expectations to your employees
  • Includes free employee handbook updates and revisions
  • Provide one-on-one consultations with your bank’s HR representatives
  • Access to a toll-free HR Hotline for questions
  • Access to a host of timely and educational HR training forums and webinars
  • Access to the USource™ resource library, filled with:
    • Case studies on best practices related to recruitment, compensation, benefits, performance management, and more
    • Money-saving sample forms
    • Extensive collection of community bank-related job descriptions
  • All of these benefits and more are provided to your community bank for one affordable monthly fee

Promote a positive impression of your bank with a professionally created employee handbook. For more information about developing employee handbooks or becoming a USource™ member, contact a USource™ expert today at 866-394-1984 or usource@ubb.com.