Human Resources Consulting

Affordable human resources solutions designed exclusively for community banks.

We understand that many community banks lack the resources needed to hire a full-time human resource professional, leaving complicated employment laws to other bank employees to interpret in addition to their countless other duties.

USource™, United Bankers’ Bank’s human resources consulting service, is dedicated to assisting community banks in understanding this complex area by providing them with incomparable resources and dedicated service that’s just a phone call away.  Whether updating an employee handbook, providing your employees with relevant webinars and forums, or accessing our toll-free resource hotline, the USource™ experts are ready to help.

USource™ Human Resource Services Offered:

*Additional cost, not included in USource™ membership

Benefits of becoming a USource™ Member:

  • USource™ experts will assist you in providing an employee handbook format that clearly communicates your bank’s policies and expectations to your employees
  • Includes free employee handbook updates and revisions
  • Provide one-on-one consultations with your bank’s HR representatives
  • Access to a toll-free HR Hotline for questions
  • Access to a host of timely and educational HR training forums and webinars
  • Access to the USource™ resource library, filled with:
    • Case studies on best practices related to recruitment, compensation, benefits, performance management, and more
    • Money-saving sample forms
  • All of these benefits and more are provided to your community bank for one affordable monthly fee

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To learn more about how United Bankers' Bank can assist your community bank in effectively managing its human resources, contact a USource™ expert today at 866-394-1984 or