Market Research

Make informed business decisions.

Community bankers look to United Bankers’ Banks’s accredited BankValue advisors for sophisticated market studies, data mining and deposit projections when developing their strategic plans or weighing the options of entering a new market.

Applications for BankValue’s market research:

  • Reveal your bank’s current market position for strategic planning
  • Identify the feasibility of adding a bank branch office in a new market
  • Conduct due diligence prior to acquiring another bank or branch office

Market Study

A comprehensive examination of the market that consists of the following:
  • A detailed executive summary presenting all key findings
  • Physical descriptions of primary and secondary market areas
  • Competitive analysis of local banks and credit unions that includes:
    • Total deposits
    • Historical deposit growth
    • Loan portfolio composition
  • Economic analysis covering the following:
    • Building permits
    • Construction activity
    • Wholesale & retail sales
    • Employment levels
    • Primary employers

Data Mining

A customized summary of market information based on the following data sources:
  • U.S. government records
  • State economic development agencies
  • Local government records
  • Local chamber of commerce

Deposit Projections

Three to five year deposit projections based on historical growth as well as market demographic and economic trends and projections.

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