Business Cards

We Manage, You Earn. Credit card program with No Liability, No Risk... Just Reward
UBB Card Services makes it easy for your bank to offer business credit cards to your customers.

When you partner with UBB Card Services, you're teaming up with an industry expert committed to providing your institution with the resources necessary to successfully implement, operate, and sell business credit card solutions to your customers.

Benefits of the UBB Business Credit Card Program: 

  • Business Credit Cards have your bank's name and logo on them
  • All cardholder correspondence carries your bank's name
  • Rewards program option available
  • Generates income:
    • Referral payments for every approved application
    • Receive a percentage of the interchange income generated from your customer's purchase activity
  • The program is turnkey, meaning UBB:
    • Holds the outstanding loans
    • Completes the account underwriting
    • Assumes liability for any losses
    • Takes care of the accounting
    • Provides 24/7 online account access and customer support

Benefits of working with UBB Card Services:

  • Turnkey programs are easy to implement, meaning less hassle, and work for you and your staff
  • Strengthen relationships by providing the products your customers want and need
  • Solutions to generate important non-interest income, as well as reach underbanked markets
  • UBB does not compete for your customers, meaning they, along with their sensitive financial data, are safe and will not be used to solicit their business

Strengthen relationships with your best customers by providing them with the services they want and need to run their business.