Chris Knight
What First for Your Success Means to Me
It means we understand that for UBB to succeed our customers must be successful. Thus, we put their needs ahead of ours, designing products and services to ensure the continued success of individual community banks as well as community banking overall.

Chris Knight

Senior Vice President, Regional Sales Manager

Territories: Northern Indiana
Chris Knight received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Albion College.  He joined United Bankers’ Bank in 2009 and directly calls on community banks in northern Indiana. As Regional Sales Manager, he oversees United Bankers’ Bank’s calling and sales efforts in the 11 states.

Prior to joining United Bankers’ Bank, Chris began his banking career as a Branch Management Trainee at Manufacturers National Bank of Detroit in 1979, eventually becoming a Correspondent Banker in 1986. Chris went on to become a Correspondent Banking Officer for LaSalle Bank and Great Lakes Bankers’ Bank. 

Knight has current and past involvement with the Ohio Bankers League, Community Bankers Association of Ohio, Tri-States League, Michigan Bankers Association, Community Bankers of Michigan, Mid-Michigan Bankers Group, Michigan Traveling Circus and Financial Managers Society.